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About Us

Idea’s can come from anywhere, We belive that they come specially from the places where the problems actually are.

Rehan V is a force of change via Entrepreneurship , with a privately held fund available to help

the forces of change by people with great idea’s and are not able to take it off the ground due to small seed money.

What we offer:

We offer Office Space, Seed Money, Basic Office Infrastructure, Mentorship, Marketing, and the most powerful of

all the NETWORK that will allow idea’s to flourish.

Who do we invest in ?

People with idea’s that can change the world, who are willing to stand behind their idea’s for the next 18 months.

People who are willing to get in their shorts, and ready to swim, ready to clean gutters, ready to paint walls, in other words, who are INSANE to make Their dream come true.

If you are coming to RehanV just for the money, then we are the wrong place, if you are here to make your dream come true, then we are THE place for you to come.

How much money do we offer:

We invest from $500 to $5000 on any given project, and in return take 5 to 49% of the shares in that company.

How to Submit your Idea:

You need to make a 3 min introduction about your self with all your info

You need to make a video of 1 to 3 mins about your project

You need to make a blog/website about your product explaining it

You need 100 likes on your facebook page and 10 comments on your project.