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Rehan Allahwala: Founder
Rehan Allahwala want’s to see the world as a place where every human being has equal opportunity to become what ever they want to become. He loves to teach and help people reach there goals more than anything else.
He Started his first business in age of 13 and today is President of many Companies in 6 Countries around the world.
More information about him is on www.RehanAllahwala.com
Mohsin Siddique
Mohsin has been in social work all his practical life of 10+ years, and has done amazing work while doing that, He has been the key Implimentor of all the work done by Rehan School So far
Azhar Rizvi – proposed
Azhar Rizvi is a serial entrepreneur who has established a number of startups and as a mentor has coached a number of companies and teams in building successful ventuers. He started his career with the information technology industry for over two decades ago and during this period, has served at prestigious multinational organizations including NCR/ AT&T and Unisys in Pakistan.
Fatima Surayya Bajia – Proposed
A legend in her self, and with Honors from Govt of Pakistan and Japan. With experience of Teaching and in Education of 35+ Years. At age 83 she is still very active and ready to teach the surprised.