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Why To Start A Startup

NEVER start a startup just for the sake of doing so. There are much easier ways to become rich and everyone who starts a startup always says, always, that they couldn’t have imagined how hard and painful it was going to be. You should only start a startup if you feel compelled by a particular problem and that you think starting a company is the best way to solve it.

The specific passion should come first, and the startup second.

Stereo type & Misconceptions

1- Too Young
2- Too Inexperienced
3- Not Determined Enough
4- Not Smart Enough
5- Know nothing about business
6- No Cofounder
7- No idea
8- No room for more startups
9- Family to support
10- Independently Wealthy
11- Not ready for commitment
12- Need for structure
13- Fear of uncertainity
14- Don’t realize what you’re avoiding
15. Parents want you to be a doctor
16. A job is the default